Thank you for visiting Catalyst Video Productions. We have been so blessed over the last 20 years to have served hundreds of wedding clients, and hundreds of corporate video clients. It has been an unspeakable blessing to be a part of each project, and my wife and I humbly thank you all who are a part of Catalyst Video.

Starting in January 2018, Catalyst Video went into a new season, where we stopped taking any new corporate contracts...and we are not booking any new wedding clients. I have accepted a technical position here in the Rogue Valley that will allow me to exercise my gifts and abilities within a single organization.

We will fulfill existing contracts, both wedding and corporate until the end of the calendar year.

If you were interested on our services, please feel free to e-mail me about your specific needs and I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction, of companies and individuals who will serve you very very VERY well.

Thank you again, for making Catalyst Video a trusted media company here in Southern Oregon and Beyond

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